Possessing The Promise


The day had finally arrived for the Israelites to possess the land that God had promised. But just like He had taught them lessons throughout their journey in the wilderness, He had more to teach them, as they possessed the promise.

And so it is for us. Possessing the promise doesn’t mean the faith adventure has come to a conclusion; rather, in many ways, it has only just begun. Possessing the promise will involve in some respects an even greater dependence upon God and the promise He has given you.

Possessing the Promise” chronicles the stories, experiences and lessons we see recorded in the books of Joshua and Judges in sixty-one “bite-sized” chapters. The book has been formatted for one chapter to be read each day for sixty-one days. 

Explore this third book in the “Lessons Learned In The Wilderness” series and allow God to use it to teach you how to possess the promise as He leads you in the journey with Him each day. 

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Books 1-3 Now Available As A Boxset

The first three books in the Lessons Learned In The Wilderness series are also available as a collection in a single print volume or an e-book boxset at a significant savings through Amazon.