The Wandering Years


Why did a journey that God ordained to take slightly longer than one year, end up taking forty years? Why, instead of enjoying the fruits of the land of milk and honey, did the Israelites end up wandering in the desert wilderness for forty years? Why did one generation follow God out of Egypt only to die there, leaving the next generation to follow Him into the Promised Land?

In the journeys through the wildernesses of my life, i can look back and see where God has turned me back from that land of promise to wander a while longer in the wilderness. God has given us the wilderness to prepare us for His land of promise, but if when we reach the border we are not ready, He will turn us back to wander.

If God is allowing you to continue to wander in the wilderness, it is because He has more to teach you about Himself – His Person, His purpose and His power. "The Wandering Years" chronicles through sixty-one “bite-sized” chapters those lessons He would teach us through the Israelites’ time in the wilderness as recorded in the books of Numbers and Deuteronomy. 

The book has been formatted for one chapter to be read each day for sixty-one days. Explore this second book in the “Lessons Learned In The Wilderness” series and allow God to use it to apply those same lessons to your daily journey with Him.

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Books 1-3 Now Available As A Boxset

The first three books in the Lessons Learned In The Wilderness series are also available as a collection in a single print volume or an e-book boxset at a significant savings through Amazon.